Women leaders networking event organized by TECHWOMEN Cameroon

Some women of our community participated to the Women Leaders Networking Session organized by TechWomen Cameroon.

We had an amazing time with a panel of women leaders, interactive workshop and networking session. We met many people, Casey Bulen coordinator of the event, is one of them: bright and inspiring, it was nice to chat with him.

The most memorable thing we came out with it’s the advice from Seena Shankar : “as every company, have your own board of directors”
These are people you can rely on for the different aspects of your life: career, family, ideas, leadership etc … It’s something I’m definitely going to implement. How ?

  • Identify resourceful people
  • Connect with them
  • Feed the connection by sharing from time to time with them
  • But most importantly, be also a resource for them with your knowledge and expertise.

Let’s inspire each other and grow together!

The event in pictures

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