Mentoring program update

Our mentoring program is ongoing with women in STEM from different areas of the globe. We’ve got several positive feedbacks and we’d like to share some of them.

Grace is an environmental engineer based in Germany and she’s mentoring Chefor, petroleum engineer based in Cameroon. Working along together, Grace and Chefor realised they are both passionate about gender equality issues. And surprisingly, Chefor founded an association aiming to tackle gender based violence in schools. They are thereby collaborating on that project where Grace is invited as a guest during their conferences. And that makes me proud: connecting and empowering women so that they could be change drivers wherever they are!

Another example is Dorisse, scrum master based in France who is mentoring Armelle, communication specialist also based in France. Armelle joined the program because she wanted to reorient her career in IT. In fact, Dorisse has an amazing experience: she’s graduated in biology, completed an advanced training in computer science, she’s got a certificate in scrum master and now she’s aiming to coordinate the IT department of her company. She has the right tools to mentor Armelle who’s excited to get her first job in IT.

Armelle is enjoying the process with her, she feels empowered. I’m proud of what this program is bringing on and I’m looking forward for more.

Dr. Sandrine is one of our mentors, she’s a veterinarian, and she was invited to the Brazzaville international leadership Youth Forum (BILYF), which focused on the theme: agriculture and innovation at the service of Africa’s development and in particular for the panel on theme: “Maximise the potential of women farmers and the development of family farms”. It was a question of recalling the Virtuaplace of women (who make up 52% of the world’s population) in agro-pastoral activities, the intrapersonal, managerial and entrepreneurial skills required by this sector, particularly in Africa, which alone constitutes 60% of unexploited arable land in the world, and the place of the support in this case of the veterinarian in livestock projects regardless of the size of the project.

It was a very beautiful experience and many prospects in sight, wonderful meetings, leaders committed to their respective sectors of activity… In summary, the Africa we believe in. She shared that experience with her mentees and they were inspired to do more.

We proud of what this program is bringing on and I’m looking forward for more.

Dr. Sandrine at the Brazzaville international leadership Youth Forum (BILYF)

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