How to invest in women in STEM?

Despite contributions and achievements, gender inequality is still a significant challenge in STEM fields. There’s a lack of female role models, gender-based tasking, economic disparities such as pay gaps, and underrepresentation in leadership. This has led to women being significantly underrepresented in this field and leaving the industry at a higher rate than their male colleagues.

According to ICE membership diversity statistics, 33% of female members at the ICE are professionally qualified, in comparison to 51% in the case of male members. Of all ICE Fellows, 7% are women. These statistics have been improving year on year but highlight the persistent gender inequality that exists within our profession and in careers guidance at schools.

Here’s how you can contribute to the collective effort to invest in women in STEM:

1- Educate and empower

Support initiatives that provide women with access to quality training and opportunities in engineering-based skill development.

2- Amplify voices

Amplify and support what women have to say and incorporate gender perspectives in solutions.

3- Challenge stereotypes

Engage women in diverse range of STEM activities while eliminating gender stereotypes and gender-based task allocation.

4- Ensure gender diversity

Actively ensure gender diversity in teams through diverse recruitment and retention strategies.

5- Establish women leadership programs

Promote and support women’s development within STEM careers by providing opportunities for women to take on leadership roles.

This could be through mentorship networking, and professional development programs.

6- Invest in women’s economic empowerment

Provide access to financing, training, and resources to support women-led businesses and initiatives in engineering.

Promote and celebrate women role models in the field.

By doing this, we can create a world where every woman can thrive and contribute to a better world.

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