Corner Science & Tech at "NOEL EN CONTES” with the start up ADINKRA

We participated, at the corner SCIENCE & TECH, during “NOEL EN CONTES” an event organized from December 21st to 23rd 2023 by the Start-up ADINKRA.

We had 4 activities that worked continuously: the chemistry workshop, the biology workshop, the engineering workshop and the math game. There were around 50 kids from 5 to 12.


  • The chemistry workshop: The kids really enjoyed touching the laboratory utensils and were interested in the small experiments we did. There were several experiments: titration, filtration, and dissolution. We also taught them how to use the different utensils.
  • The math game: kids had the chance to practice their intellectual abilities but also their ability to work in a team. It was just great to see how fast kids could calculate to get the results expected.
  • The biology workshop: we constructed a candy DNA; we explained to them what is it and why it’s important. We also explored some careers in biology.
  • The engineering workshop: we built a house with straw exploring the challenges of civil engineers.

Kids really enjoyed the moment; they were motivated, intuitive and very smart. We awakened them to STEM and in the end, they provided positive feedback. For example, Gabriel told us he wants to become a chemist.

We plan to multiply such occasions to reach more kids and raise the future generation of STEMist in our country.

The event in pictures

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